So, you’re a new Coach. 
Congratulations, you’re ready to get your first client! 
It takes a strong woman to want to devote her life to helping others. 

This is the start of an exciting journey. But also a scary one - one that will test you in ways you never thought possible.
You know you’re a great coach - maybe you’ve even gotten certified - but you aren’t really sure how to start building a business. Sure, you know the basics of coaching.
But how are you supposed to attract clients when you’re unsure about WHO you want to work with, WHY you want to work with them, WHAT you can provide them, and HOW to stand out when there are literally thousands of other coaches.
Oh, and one other thing… where are your clients even hanging out?
They don’t teach you that in coaching school or in those magical “courses” that keep promising results but don’t deliver.

It's starting to really mess with your self confidence. 
Not to mention, going through your own personal growth has you questioning who you are and what you want. The thought of reaching out to people you KNOW you can help and potentially getting rejected has you feeling unconfident and unsure. 
You need the help of someone who’s been through it.
The doubts. The fears. The tears.
The not knowing who to speak to. The fear of putting myself out there.
The good news is this: If I got to the other side and built a community of over 12 thousand people that continues to grow daily, then you can too.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to do it alone.

I'll be honest with you. 
When I first started my coaching biz in early 2016, I felt completely lost. I knew I had what it took to change lives but I didn’t exactly know how to build a brand or attract clients. 
I assumed coaches could help anyone with anything. 
Men, women, kids. Relationships, careers,
I was wrong.
Not knowing exactly who my ideal client was had me feeling extremely unsure about my abilities to help them. 
The struggle of finding my first client was really messing with my self-esteem and had me doubting my likeability as a coach overall. 
It was tough. 
Finally, a very good friend convinced me that I should hire a coach myself. 
“You should work on getting your own mindset straight while learning the ropes of being a great coach from someone who has been successful at it for years,” she said. I’m so glad that she did.

Investing in my business before I’d ever made a DIME from coaching sounded crazy! But...I had no other choice. I was lost and needed the help. 
With the help of my coach, I worked through the blocks that were holding me back from showing up powerfully.
I started drawing in an audience. And not just any audience. The RIGHT audience filled with people who already had a need for what I could provide. I knew exactly who I was, who I wanted to work with, how I could help them, and where to find them. 

Multiple clients and 12k Instagram followers later, I want to help YOU become more confident and visible online, so that you can jump start your coaching business and take it to the top.

Here are some of the key things we will cover in our one on one sessions:
Mindset work:
-How to rid your mind of negative thoughts surrounding your business, so that you can remain confident and completely sure of the steps you are taking to create an image and launch your biz online. 
-How to stay proud and remember your worth when clients turn you down or don't want to sign up. 
-Making sure you’re getting paid what you deserve and not accepting less, even when you're desperate for clients. 
-How to be confident helping your clients reach their goals so that they trust and believe that you can help them. 
-Remembering how to “practice what you preach” so that you are continuously working on your own personal development and mental health while helping others do the same. 
Visibility work:
-How to use Instagram in its entirety to build a legitimate following so that you attract a loyal and engaged audience that already has a need for what you provide.
-How to find your perfect niche so that you know exactly the type of people you desire to work with and how you can help them.
-Develop your story so that potential clients can connect with you on a personal level.
-Create a message that is so clear, your audience will know exactly how they can benefit from working with you.
-How to have a discovery call that flows so you can hear, “Sign me up!”
-The basic structure of coaching that I use to make a lasting transformation in my clients.
-How to price and package your services in the beginning, so that you are getting paid exactly what is fair and deserving.

What’s included:

  • 12 weekly 60-minute calls

  • Voxer access to me M-F so you can get support in between sessions

  • Pay in full bonus: Instagram Intensive (Value: $397 USD)

Investment: 2997$ USD 

(installment plans available)

Schedule your discovery call with me below to discuss the program!

When I started as a new coach, I thought if I just had the right intentions, clients would come banging on my door. Boy was I wrong! Rachel taught me how to get visible, how to have my message received in a constructive way, and gain a following that people believe in. Through not only visibility, but her tactics in closing clients and leading first sessions, I have developed my own style in coaching that fits my niche in a truly authentic manner! I have Rachel to thank for her business savvy and knowledge of the industry. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!
— Shawn Engel, Life Coach
Working with Rachel has been such an inspirational experience! Not only is she kind and understanding, she is consistently motivating, super flexible and always supportive. She gives you the push you need to complete your goals and is your number one fan through the entire process. She has helped me learn so much about the life coaching world and helped me grow as a coach to expand my skills. I am truly honored and grateful to be working with Rachel.
— Lauren Radil, Coach

Q: Will I need to sign a contract?
A: Yes, there will be a contract and confidentiality agreement upon signing up.
Q: What if I sign up for 3 months and decide I want to quit?
A: Through the contract, the client agrees to pay for the entire program, regardless if sessions are used. But trust me, you won’t want to quit! ;)
Q: Is coaching covered by insurance?
A: No, my services aren’t covered by insurance.