Work with Me

Here are the ways that I love working with and supporting women to show up confidently in the world:

Working with Rachel as a life coach has made a remarkable difference in my life. Though she is 13 years younger, Rachel is wise beyond her years. In the crux of an emotional crisis during my divorce, recently living in a new city and raising a small child...she was my hero. I was an emotional wreck and she helped through it every step of the way. She helped me see the bigger picture of what is important in my life by having me engage in activities that would explore my needs and desires. She helped me keep my sanity in a moment of crisis. Since then, my life has followed in a smooth and joyous direction after taking her advice. If you are looking for someone to help you tackle life’s challenges, and/or transform yourself into the person you envision, look no further. Rachel is amazing. It’s a wonderful experience to have someone looking out for your best interests and guiding you in the right direction. Thank you Rachel!!
— Sandra Partridge

Rachel has always had a natural ability to provide deep insight into problems either from personal experience or simply the authenticity of her heart. I’ve naturally felt pulled to seek advice from Rachel because she speaks from a place of compassion and knowledge. 5 years ago I was raped in my college dorm. Rachel was extremely supportive and stood by my side when I lost many mutual friends with my rapist. She consoled me, listened, and helped me move forward from that pain. Throughout our college career and beyond, I’ve sought Rachel’s insight because she helps me step out of my feelings and into my spiritual self to assess what my next step should be towards a better me. I’m blessed to call her a dear friend and confidant and I’m so proud that is she is using her gift and calling to bless the world with her hearts warmth, and her minds honesty.
— Kristin Byrdsong

Fear, insecurities, and self doubt. These are things I felt on a daily basis over the last year. I worked very hard to get my masters degree, but unfortunately my graduate thesis did not go over well with my committee. I spent over a year trying to finish it, and failed every time. I never felt confident enough to do it right the second time and the failure of that ate away at me every day. Finally I knew I had to do something about it. I called Rachel in a last attempt to finish what I had started the year before. Rachel helped me in ways I couldn’t even believe. She listened to my self doubts and never judged or told me to “toughen up.” She helped me to talk through my issues and came up with a game plan to finally finish my masters thesis. I finished it within one week and it was accepted about 3 days later! Without Rachel’s encouragement and accountability, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to finish it as quickly and as effectively as I did. I highly recommend Rachel as a life coach, she is one of the most kind, caring, and encouraging people I’ve ever known!
— Kelly Collins

When I first came to Rachel for help I was extremely nervous. I’m not the type to talk about my feelings, and am terrible with introductions. However, upon meeting her she started asking simple questions about my life, likes, and dislikes. I felt relaxed and as though she wasn’t analyzing everything I said, but truly was listening without any sort of bias or judgement. To my surprise, within minutes I ended up spewing out my life story. My story was extremely negative. At the end of the session she asked me, “Well what don’t you like about yourself and your life at the current moment?” I could go on for hours about things I would love to change, no matter if it is my weight or relationship status. Then she asked me what I liked about myself. My response, “My taste in shoes.” I realized that the problems in my life were primarily caused by my consistent negative thinking. I was a complainer. For the next ten days Rachel messaged me every morning and made me come up with something in my life I was happy about, as well as something I liked about myself. Such a simple exercise, but it really made me have a “positive” start to every morning. Since then I have continued to go to Rachel for help and advice in different areas, as well as just to have someone to talk to about. She is extremely kind, welcoming, and helpful. Such a great listener, no judgement, and great advice. Everyone needs Rachel in their life.
— Ella C.